Brandman is formally UMass Global

The conversion of Brandman University to UMass Global is now complete.

In May, Brandman which has two campuses that are members of the CVHEC in Modesto and Visalia, formed a strategic partnership with the University of Massachusetts. In September, Broadman formally became University of Massachusetts Global, a non-profit affiliate of the University of Massachusetts system.

“As UMass Global, we remain the same university our students have known and loved for over fifty years here in the Central Valley,” said Richard Carnes, director of the Modesto campus who serves on the CVHEC board of directors with Sonia Gutierrez-Mendoza, director of the Visalia campus.

“Our focus on high-quality programs for active-duty military, veterans, working adults, and other nontraditional students with busy schedules will remain steadfast. I believe the new affiliation with the University of Massachusetts will strengthen our ability to see our students obtain their educational dreams.”

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