CIO / CSSO Committee

The Chief Instructional Officers (CIO’s) and Chief Student Services Officers (CSSO’s) of the 14 community colleges have joined in a committee to work through challenges of implementing Guiding Pathways and AB 705 (corequisite support in English and Math) on their campuses, but to learn from each other’s experiences. The committee convenes as a touchpoint for administrators as colleges work through implementation efforts. 

FAFSA Completion Workgroup

The FAFSA Completion Workgroup is a Lumina Talent Hub designated activity in partnership with Fresno Compact and is led by Elaine Cash. The FAFSA Completion Workgroup is a Fresno County Regional effort that brings Fresno County Office of Education, Fresno Unified, Central Unified, Clovis Unified, and Sanger Unified counselors and data staff together to discuss best practices on FAFSA completions. Expand

The workgroup has identified areas where the districts can collectively improve completion rates and have identified tactics that can be implemented at various sites. The workgroup has also identified collective leverage points to communicate with CALSTATE Apply for better data access. 

To date, we have sponsored workshops for District data teams and high school counselors and administrators on successful strategies that include:  monitoring data by individual student through the submission and application process, providing support for Dream Act students, and students who have unique challenges to submit and complete,  and internal organization, staffing, etc. that supports student college-going needs.

IR Committee

The CVHEC IR Committee is a gathering of Institutional Research directors and staff to discuss data requests, data needs and provide consultation on the Central Valley Regional Data Dashboard.

Legislative Committee

CVHEC hosts its Legislative Advocacy Committee quarterly to update and inform legislative representatives on higher education needs and transformations that inform legislators on needed legislation. The committee also advises on the annual Higher Education Legislative and Policy Summit.

Math Pathways Task Force

With funding from the College Futures Foundation, CVHEC initiated a three-phase intersegmental Central Valley Math Pathways Task Force with the involvement of — community colleges, three California State University campuses, the University of California, Merced and Fresno Pacific University.

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PIO Committee

CVHEC member institution Public Information Representatives will gather to discuss strategies and tactics to share out the Central Valley story on persistence and degree attainment goals. Efforts will focus on highlighting the Central Valley models and brand to build a cohesive network throughout the region.