Scaling Accelerated Remediation or Coreq Support Courses

(AB 705 and EO 1110 implementation)


With partnership of the Charles A. Dana Center at The University of Texas at Austin (Dana Center),  California Acceleration Project (CAP), and Complete College America (CCA) 


CVHEC’s accelerated remediation efforts date to 2016 when the Board of Directors adopted a goal to scale corequisite support in the region (pre-AB 705 and EO 1110). The efforts have yielded positive results.  A recent study completed by the California Acceleration Project, commissioned by the Campaign for College Opportunity, found that the CVHEC region has out-performed other targeted regions in the scaling of AB 705 required accelerated remediation in anticipation of fall 2019 implementation.  

These results are directly attributed to sustained efforts in the Central Valley since 2016 by CVHEC, the California Acceleration Project, Charles A. Dana Center, and regional higher education institutions.  CVHEC 2017-2018 priority work included AB 705/EO 1110 support through professional development convenings — particularly a Part I and Part II AB705 workshop (See Events Page) — along with supporting teams to attend the annual CAP conference in Sacramento. 

The Central Valley has emerged as a State leader in scaling corequisite support and the use of multiple measures for placement.  Although this success is positive news, it also reveals that math implementation is still behind English.  


AB 705 / EO 1110 Mini-Grants

Mini-Grants will be used to evaluate new AB 705 / EO 1110 responsive curriculum, faculty research stipends, professional development, counselor/advisor alignment projects and other items such as program mapping.

English Corequisite Task Force

The English Corequisite Task Force was formed organically as a request from English faculty to CVHEC seeking coordination of Central Valley English faculty on the issue of English Corequisite Remediation much like the Central Valley Math Pathways Taskforce. CVHEC has responded to that request by identifying and supporting faculty to serve as leaders of the committee  

The key of Corequisite Remediation is to transform instruction in ways that propel students into collegiate-level coursework and do not derail their progress.

Since 2015, CVHEC has partnered with the California Acceleration Project to scale corequisite remediation for English. There are 12 CVHEC member community colleges working through a variety of corequisite models to engage acceleration in English. The goal is to include all member community colleges, 14 in all, by 2020.  As a result of Executive Order 1110, the CSUs will engage in English and math corequisite remediation beginning the fall of 2018. The CVHEC region is pursuing this momentum by providing needed supports to ensure student success.

Math Corequisite Support

Math Pathways Chairs and Math Pathways Liaisons will continue to serve as faculty leaders communicating with the field to identify the toughest challenges, best practices and topics for convenings to ensure success and intersegmental learning to create post-secondary capacity throughput and increased transfer rates. 


CVHEC supports math faculty through the AB 705 implementation and transformation process with professional development provided by the Dana Center and CAP.  CVHEC has also sponsored math faculty in their attendance at the annual CAP conference held in Sacramento.

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