CVHEC In The News – Broadband Disparity Video

KSEE-24 Central Valley Today host Emily Erwin interviews CVHEC Director Ben Duran via Zoom. 

The Central Valley Higher Education Consortium‘s recent video, “Pursuing the Last Mile: Broadband in the Central Valley,” was featured in several media stories shortly after it was launched in our May 6 newsletter: 

• Pursuing the Last Mile: Addressing internet disparities in the Central Valley – KSEE24 Central Valley Today (May 6, 2021).
• Nonprofit advocating for broadband equality for all Valley students – ABC30 Action News (May 11, 2021).
• Reedley College graduate fighting for broadband equity for students – ABC30 Action News (May 25, 2021).

ABC30 Action News reporter Elisa Navarro delivered two reports about CVHEC’s broadband disparity video interviewing Fresno Pacific University student Veronica Mendez, Reedley College student Stephen Kodur and Dr. Ben Duran, CVHEC executive director.