CAP AB705 Workshop #3

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This 1-day workshop will offer separate strands for English, ESL, and math:

English: As AB 705 brings a more heterogeneous population of students into College English, it is more important than ever to help students feel that they belong in our classrooms and have the capacity to succeed. How can we do this? This workshop will explore ways to communicate a sense of belonging through class policies, activities, assignments, and feedback that helps students feel more connected and be more likely to persist and succeed.

ESL: How do we ensure that English learners don’t get lost in the shuffle of AB 705 implementation? This workshop will review recent, statewide research collected by the AB 705 ESL Work Group and focus on specific placement and curriculum models that protect ESL students’ rights to English language instruction and support while also maximizing their probability of transfer-level English completion. Participants will work in teams to develop plans for their own institutional contexts.

Math: As AB 705 brings the vast majority of students directly into transfer-level math, our programs are undergoing a huge transformation. How do we support students and each other as we make this transition? This workshop focuses on pedagogy and classroom practices that support all students to be successful. We will also hear from early implementers of AB 705 reforms. Workshop activities are relevant to both Business/STEM & Statistics/Liberal Arts Math.