Multiple Measures

multiple measuresMultiple Measures is a method of assessment that replaces the traditional assessment test. This assessment method, utilizes several measures such as using overall high school GPA, last high school course in discipline (English and math), grade in last course in discipline, and last standardized test in discipline. CVHEC member colleges are implementing models that work best for their environments. With this approach, more students will by-pass remedial courses and enter college-level math and English.

CVHEC is committed to supporting legislative policy and institutionalization of multiple measures to place students into gateway courses.

Member community colleges have already begun to place students in gateway courses using multiple measures. An example of this proven strategy is found at Merced College. For the Spring 2017, 498 students were placed into ENGL-01A via multiple measures, of which 80.60% completed the course and 61% were successful. When this was compared with those placed via normal ACCUPLACER scores, 1,280 students were placed of which 78.3% completed and 60.73% were successful. Similarities were found at other institutions.