“California needs 1.1 million workers with bachelor’s degrees by 2030 to keep up with economic demand.”

At the October 2016 CVHEC Policy and Legislative Summit, the CVHEC Board of Directors and its 25 member CEOs committed to ambitious, but achievable, objectives for its two- and four-year institutions. The Policy and Legislative Summit also served as a convening to gather and address partners, philanthropy leaders, legislators and K-12 leaders on Co-requisite Remediation, 15 to Finish, college completion and higher education legislative policy efforts.

Overall, outcomes of the convening were an intentional commitment to focus strategies to meet the objective to decrease attainment gaps. The region committed to developing models that can be replicated statewide.

CVHEC committed to Degree Attainment Strategies to increase the Central Valley region’s degree attainment to meet California’s economic demand.